Where K Street won and lost in the omnibus

The new CHF Vice President of Policy and Advocacy, Pernell Brice III featured in POLITICO Influence.


12/20/2022 05:50 PM EST

RUNNIN’ FOR THE LAST TRAIN HOME: Congressional appropriators finally unveiled their mammoth government funding package in the wee hours of the morning following a last-minute spat over the location of the FBI’s next headquarters, as our intrepid budget and Congress team reported last night. The 4,000-plus-page omnibus includes a number of items sought by K Street, but what’s perhaps more notable is what got left out of the spending deal.

— Among the most high-profile pieces of legislation omitted from the package are the bipartisan antitrust bills aimed at barring tech companies from favoring their own products over rivals’ on their platforms and forcing companies like Apple and Google to loosen their grip on their app stores — an exclusion that all but certainly spells the end of the road for some of the furthest-advancing major antitrust reforms in decades.

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