The doctor’s here, thanks to Red Nose Day donations

The Children’s Health Fund provides no-cost healthcare to children in under-resourced communities and reaches more families thanks to support from Walgreens fundraising.

Some buses roll through neighborhoods early in the morning, accepting sleepy students on their way to school. Some buses traverse whole cities at all hours of the day, picking up and depositing hurried people leading busy lives.

And some buses are outfitted with medical examination areas, staffed by healthcare providers determined to give uninsured children and those from low-income communities the care they need to thrive.

These are the mobile pediatric units designed and operated by the Children’s Health Fund (CHF)’s national network partners. Through them, providers offer no-cost, comprehensive healthcare, ranging from physicals to dental exams to mental health assessments, to helping families meet determinants of health through healthy food and housing. The 25 national network partners service low-income households across 15 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico. In Miami-Dade County, CHF mobile pediatric units are in operation five days a week, largely serving immigrant families.

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