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Children’s Health Fund shines a spotlight on the unique health needs of under-resourced children and their families and advocates for public policies to address thoase needs. Our publications present unique perspectives on key issues affecting the health and welfare of these communities. A selection of our publications are cataloged here. For more information about our advocacy, contact advocacy@childrenshealthfund.org.

NOVEMBER 2023 When Air Isn't Fair: Inequities in Pediatric Asthma and Strategies for Reducing Them view
APRIL 2023 Barriers to Healthcare Access for U.S. Immigrant Children view
APRIL 2021 2020 Dental Impact Report view
FEBRUARY 2021 Healthy and Ready to Learn Oral Health Services Bring Access to Elementary Schools view
JANUARY 2021 Health Access Barriers in Southern Arizona view
JANUARY 2021 Lessons Learned from a Decade of Childhood Obesity Prevention Programming view
OCTOBER 2020 2020 Covid-19 Policy Report view
DECEMBER 2017 Missed Opportunities: 29 States Earning "F" or "D" Grades, Failing to Mandate Screening for Health Barriers to Learning view
JANUARY 2017 Health Barriers to Learning: The Prevalence and Educational Consequences in Disadvantaged Children view
NOVEMBER 2016 Unfinished Business: 20 Million Children in U.S. Still Lack Sufficient Access to Essential Health Care view
APRIL 2016 15 Million Kids in Health Care Deserts: Can Telehealth Make a Difference? view
APRIL 2015 The Persistent Health Care Gap for Children in Poverty: Will the Health Technology Revolution Level the Playing Field? view
APRIL 2015 Progress of Education Reform: Health Barriers to Learning and the Education Opportunity Gap view
AUGUST 2015 Closing the Gap: Why Immigrant Children Must Have Access to Health Care and How to Get There view
OCTOBER 2013 Crisis in the Classroom: How Untreated Medical Problems are Seen to Interfere with School Performance view
OCTOBER 2012 Still in Peril: The Continuing Impact of Poverty and Policy on America's Most Vulnerable Children view
SEPTEMBER 2012 The Health Transportation Shortage Index: A New Tool to Identify Underserved Communities view
AUGUST 2010 The Health Legacy of Katrina: The Impact of a Flawed Recovery on Vulnerable Children of the Gulf Coast.
A Five-Year Status Report.
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