Hurricane Ida: How Our Partners Are Responding

Photo courtesy of NOLA Ready

The destruction that was predicted in Louisiana from Hurricane Ida is now heartbreakingly evident across the region. The winds tore up businesses and homes and terrified many children and their families who could not evacuate. Some areas experienced devastating flooding where people feared for their lives and lost power and running water. 

It’s at times like this when Children’s Health Fund steps up to support its partners on the ground so that they can provide immediate relief to children and their families who face formidable obstacles post-disaster. Please donate $35 today to help.

Our partners in Baton Rouge were already on the ground. Even without phone service and internet, our partners in Baton Rouge were out in the community providing immediate relief and testing for COVID-19. Our partners in New Orleans have started triaging needs by calling patients and assessing their food pantry and emergency medical supply reserves.

“Food and housing insecurity will be a major concern. Families will be doubling up and COVID infections will be exacerbated. Providing medications for chronic conditions will be critical. There will be great need for emergency supplies such as hand sanitizer, soap, and even water.” 

-Dr. John Carlson from our partner program in New Orleans

When a disaster like this strikes, it takes months, even years, for communities to get back on their feet. Life in every way has been upended, making homes unlivable and procuring the basic necessities such as medicines, food, water, and other essential supplies extremely challenging. This disaster is deepening trauma for children from underinvested communities—children already impacted by an unrelenting pandemic.

For those of us who are in the position to help others, now is time to provide needed relief for children and their families served by our partners in Louisiana. Your donation of $35 will help them support children directly during this uncertain recovery. 

Thank you for helping in this moment of great need.

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