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Health Education Materials

Children’s Health Fund produces health education materials on subjects critical to the well-being of children. From managing asthma to supporting children’s social emotional learning, these resources are appropriate for individual use, one-on-one teaching, as well as instruction in a group or classroom setting. All materials are free for download and noncommercial use. For more information, please contact healthed@chfund.org.

Family Asthma Guide

This family-friendly guide explains asthma, triggers, and how you can control your asthma to do all the things you love. This edition of the Family Asthma Guide was made possible by a grant from Leben-Green Family Giving Fund.

Asthma Guide in English

Hey Baby

This magazine format guide for moms-to-be offers healthy living tips for a healthy baby and mom. It includes tips on eating well, being active during pregnancy, tips for relaxation, and more. Hey Baby was made possible by a grant from Walmart Foundation.

Microwave Chef

Our Microwave Cookbook was developed to help families who don’t have access to a full kitchen to make healthy food. It is full of delicious recipes, from chicken parmesan to pumpkin muffins, all prepared with only a microwave and a few simple ingredients!

Family Disaster Plan

My Family Disaster Plan helps families to plan ahead and be prepared for disasters. My Family Disaster Plan was made possible by a grant from Idol Gives Back.

Think Healthy

These middle school level brochures look at ways to stay physically active and feel great. Think Healthy was made possible by a grant from MetLife Foundation.

Hurricane Safety Plan

Parent guide and kids’ worksheet offer tips on how families can prepare and help their children to feel safe during the hurricane season. Materials were created by the New Orleans Children’s Health Project and were made possible by a grant from the US Dept of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse, and Mental Health Services Administration.

Healthy BASICS

Developed by clinicians from Children’s Health Fund’s national network, Healthy BASICS provides elementary level brochures with simple, accurate, and culturally relevant health education brochures on a variety of topics. Healthy BASICS was made possible by a grant from MetLife Foundation.

Ample Table for Everyone

Eating well is one important way that children can stay healthy and ready to learn. Through a partnership with Ample Table For Everyone, we are able to share their materials here. The lesson plans and videos on this page were created by Ample Table for Everyone to make healthy eating easier and more fun!

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