Children’s Health Fund Statement on the Insurrection of January 6, 2021

By: Dennis Walto, CEO Children’s Health Fund

January 7, 2021 – Children’s Health Fund is, by legal status and design, a non-political organization. And yet it is   impossible for me to avoid calling out the horror of partisan politics and the white supremacy that were on display during the events that unfolded on January 6, 2021.

The racism and social inequities that underlie these actions existed before the current administration came into power, but the disregard for laws and dismissal of our system of government that converged yesterday were beyond the pale.

How the insurgents were treated speaks volumes about the two standards of justice in this country. And while it was on display yesterday for the world to see, for people of color here in the US, these inequities and double standards are a part of their lives every day.

Children’s Health Fund’s mission is to prioritize the wellbeing of children and their families. We are very concerned about what this moment is saying to children, especially to children of color who watched as Black Lives Matter demonstrations over the summer were met with violent resistance; and yet yesterday, security forces were absent as white protestors climbed the walls of the Capitol Building. For us, this painfully underscores the lack of equity and equal treatment under the laws of our country.

As an organization that advocates for all children, we recognize this moment is also traumatic for immigrant children and families who have fled civil unrest of this nature only to find it here, in their place of refuge.

Children’s Health Fund remains non-partisan, but we cannot and will not be silent in the face of social and racial injustice. And it is our responsibility to speak out when actions have the potential to do harm to children.

What happened yesterday was not only an assault on our seat of government, but also an attack on the values we hold dear and the country we aspire our children to live in.  It’s a powerful call to action for our organization to continue fighting for anti-racist policies and social equity so that the children we serve today can live better lives tomorrow.



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