CHF Joins NYC Council’s New Arrivals Strategy Team to Support Recent Immigrants

New Arrivals Strategy Team at CHF

Children’s Health Fund is honored to be a member of the New York City Council’s New Arrivals Strategy Team on the cohort for Children, Youth, and Young Adults. This partnership of experts will implement an organized, proactive, solutions-focused response to address the needs of newly-arrived immigrants to New York City.

“Families with children make up a large portion of the thousands of new arrivals seeking safety, health, and brighter futures in New York City. Protecting their health and wellbeing is not only the right thing to do, it is also vital for the economic and social vitality of our communities,” said Arturo Brito, president and CEO of Children’s Health Fund. “The New Arrivals Strategy Team harnesses the incredible expertise and resources of NYC, including the experiences of asylum-seekers themselves, to create long-term solutions for their integration and success. We thank Speaker Adams and the New York City Council for prioritizing the urgent needs of immigrant families and children through an organized, well-equipped response to support their health and that of our city as a whole.”

Read more about the New Arrivals Strategy Team from the New York City Council.

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