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AUSTIN Children's Health Project

Services Provided

The Austin Children’s Health Project (ACHP) serves patients from diverse backgrounds in the Austin area, regardless of their insurance status.

These include children with complex medical issues, as well as the medically underserved, such as those who have recently immigrated. Families who receive services from ACHP are less likely to be current on immunizations, and their previous preventative or other kinds of healthcare often has been limited.

Patients are primarily referred to the clinic through schools in the Austin area, with which ACHP has had long relationships, and numerous other community partners. By bringing consistent, quality medical services to isolated communities and providing care regardless of ability to pay, ACHP helps to overcome persistent barriers to healthcare in the region: geographic isolation; and lack of transportation, insurance, and financial resources.

  • Primary Care
  • Health Education
  • Mental Health
  • Developmental Evaluations
  • Case Management
  • Telehealth
  • Subspecialty Care (through partnership)


Partner Institution:
Dell Children’s Medical Center

Partners Since:

Total Visits in 2022:

Patients in 2022:

Focus Areas:
Adolescents, Immigrant children

Demographic Snapshot
50% Hispanic/Latinx
13% Black
51% Children 0-5 years
24% Adolescents
51% Female

Service Delivery:
School-based, fixed site clinic, community centers, telehealth

Ages Served:

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