All Children Deserve Access to Quality Healthcare

By Arturo Brito, MD, MPH, President and CEO, Children's Health Fund
Girl being vaccinated

On my one-year anniversary as president and CEO of Children’s Health Fund (CHF), I reflect on my privilege to lead an organization that strives to ensure that all children receive the healthcare they deserve and need to thrive and succeed. As an immigrant myself—entering the United States at age seven, from Cuba via Nicaragua—I could not be prouder to be at an organization that cares about all children, regardless of race, ethnicity, or country of origin. CHF brings comprehensive healthcare to children growing up in under-resourced communities and advocate for the health and well-being of all children. We accomplish our mission in five ways:

We show up where others don’t. CHF uses a fleet of more than 50 mobile medical clinics, telehealth, and more than 500 schools, homeless shelters, and other community sites to provide comprehensive health and wrap-around services to children and families in some of the most hard-to-reach areas across the country, from urban to rural.

We innovate. CHF partners with others to develop targeted solutions, elevate best practices, and test unique solutions for pediatric care and service delivery in diverse communities.

We respond to crises. CHF responds to the most pressing pediatric health needs when lives are upended and infrastructure collapses because of natural disasters and other public health crises.

In fact, just this week, we were called into action again after Puerto Rico suffered a devastating blow from Hurricane Fiona. Our national network partner, Puerto Rico Children’s Health Project (PRCHP), which launched in 2018 to support recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Maria, is helping deliver healthcare and other essential services as the island begins to recover from the recent damage. To donate to this special effort, please click here.

We raise awareness. CHF learns from families and communities to support agenda setting and advocate for policies to improve the lives of all children.

We lead. CHF brings together a national network of community-based, health and social service providers to advance the field of pediatric health and service delivery.

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